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Wisdom Teeth

Many people in the Lincroft area have partially visible wisdom teeth that could be susceptible to bacteria that can cause wisdom tooth infection. Cysts and tumors can grow on a trapped wisdom tooth, causing irritation and some pain as well as diseases of the gums.

Another problem we often see at Newman Springs Dental Care occurs when the second molar, the last tooth before the wisdom tooth, is damaged as the wisdom tooth grows in without enough room.

The younger the patient, the easier the healing will be, says Dr. Friedman, which is another reason not to wait before removing impacted wisdom teeth. At Newman Springs Dental Care this oral surgery can often be performed in our Lincroft office under anesthesia, providing patients with maximum comfort while keeping the procedure efficient and cost-effective. Local anesthetic (such as novocaine) is always used, but you may opt for additional comfort with nitrous oxide ("laughing gas"), IV sedation (twilight sleep) or deep sedation (general anesthesia.)

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